PEMF Explained


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy also called PEMFT. 



PEMF Technology

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and on this website you will find easy to follow explanations on

pemf technology.

PEMF technology

PEMF Intensity

Intensity is without any doubt one of the most important specifications for successful results of

PEMF therapy.

PEMF intensity

PEMF Induction

To obtain deep penetration of the PEMF pulses inside cells and bones the speed of induction is crucial.

PEMF induction

PEMF Programs

Why is there are a choice of different PEMF therapy programs?

PEMF programs

PEMF Schumann

What is the Schuman PEMF frequency?

PEMF Schumann

PEMF Device 

Electrical safety of PEMF devices.

PEMF electrical safety

PEMF Pacemakers

Can I use a PEMF device when I have a pacemaker?

PEMF pacemaker

PEMF Distance

The further the coils are away from the body, the less energy is transferred into the body. 

PEMF distance

PEMF Coils

There are many different versions of PEMF coils.

On this page you find explanations.

PEMF coils

PEMF Electrosmog

Does PEMF create disturbances and noise?

PEMF electrosmog

PEMF Certification

Make sure your PEMF device is certified by the health authorities

for human use.

PEMF certification

PEMF Polarity

Do PEMF pulses have a north and south pole?

PEMF polarity

PEMF Frequency

As least as important as intensity are the used pulsed frequencies to obtain the best results for PEMF therapy.

PEMF frequency

PEMF Windows

Amplitude windows, also called 'biological windows' explain why successful PEMF must make use

of specific pulse 


PEMF windows

PEMF Butterflycoil

This coil has a very special construction allowing for concentrated PEMF energy to be

targeted deep into

specific area.

PEMF butterfly coil


Read here why a therapy session should consist of a series of different frequencies during

the same PEMF

therapy session.

PEMF therapy time

PEMF Probe

For deep and very local PEMF treatment a special probe is used.

PEMF probe

NASA Study

Explanations on NASA waveform.

NASA pemf wave form

PEMF Buyers Guide

Confused by manufacturers what to buy?

Read what is really important before you buy any PEMF device.

PEMF buyers guide

PEMF Pulseform

The different pulse forms used for PEMF therapy are sine, square or triangle wave forms. 

Read explanations

which waves give

the best results.

PEMF pulse form

PEMF Helmholtz

For a real uniform PEMF field two identical coils are inter-connected and used in a specific way.

PEMF Helmholtz

PEMF Safety

Does PEMF cause cancer?

Safety of PEMF

PEMF on Battery

How can a battery powered PEMF device generate sufficient intensity for effective therapy?

PEMF battery

Static Magnets

Do regular magnets give similar results as PEMF therapy?

PEMF or static magnets?