PEMF Battery devices

Drained battery of pemf device
PEMF battery devices

The efficacy of PEMF treatment is very much dependent on the applied output energy in combination with the speed of induction in which the pulsed electromagnetic energy penetrates into the body. Only if each individual pulse of the PEMF wave has sufficient high intensity and the pulse wave form is built up very fast, will then the electromagnetic energy be able to fully penetrate cells and bones in the body.


If the PEMF intensity is too low or does not enter the body with high speed, the effect of the electromagnetic energy transfer deep into the body will only be minimal. This may happen if a battery powered device has been designed to generate PEMF pulses consisting of standard square wave forms. This shows that the PEMF device has been designed based on a simple electronic design and as such only has a simple pulse wave generator. 


If the used pulses are simple square wave pulses the battery will drain fast and reduce its life cycle considerably. This may also happen because the individual pulses of the PEMF device are designed with identical pulsing on and off periods. This is called pulses with a duty cycle of 50% and is disasterous for batteries.


These square PEMF pulses are then fed through a coil and because of the resistance (impedance) of the coil these pulses change into a trapezoid form wave.

From square to trapezoidal wave of pemf pulses

Because PEMF is a form of alternating current (AC) the resulting pulsed wave form is changing from blue to brown inside the coil. 

The speed of induction is now completely lost and deep body penetration is almost impossible, even though the PEMF intensity might still be high. It simply takes too much time to build up the PEMF intensity.


Most PEMF battery devices have been designed in a similar way and usually only differ from each other because of different intensities and frequencies. An exception is if the pulse wave form is modified to combine a fast speed of induction, while still maintaining the ideal sine wave form.


To obtain a real therapeutic effect with a battery powered PEMF device, the designers have to take into account the necessary requirements for a high milli Tesla value, pulse wave form and the speed of induction, for each PEMF pulse.


In addition each individual PEMF pulse should have sufficient energy to be able to obtain the desired therapy effects, otherwise no changes in cells and bones can be made.