PEMF Programs

PEMF therapy programs

Every person responds somewhat differently to the same pulsing frequencies. We cannot assume that specific frequencies correspond with specific diseases and/or to universal body energizing.


If we want to make sure that PEMF will be effective, we should not make use of the same frequency pattern during the same therapy session because the body tends to adapt to single pulsing frequencies after just a couple of minutes.


Frequencies used, need to change in pulse pattern in order to continue to be effective during the same therapy session to  assure the very best possible results. 


Almost all systems offer a basic number of programs. This mostly means that for each higher program number the output energy is increased. Other systems work with the same output intensities and change frequencies in their programs, or make use of both parameter changes.


PEMF devices designed with both automatic frequency and intensity changing during the same program sequence will usually have the best and quickest therapy results. This way, the so called 'body adaptation' factor is neutralized and the PEMF energy transfer becomes more effective. 


There are PEMF devices with more than a few basic program settings in the unit itself. If in addition the PEMF device can be controlled from a personal computer we get a very flexible and all round system. Such PEMF systems are mostly used by chiropractors and hospitals or where advanced users want to control their own PEMF treatment parameters.

Manual settings for PEMFT frequencies and intensities

Here is an example of how to set up such a therapy protocol with software on a PC or Laptop and to save the set protocol in the PC database for future use. 


The above complete program runs automatically in chronological order, according to the corresponding frequencies and intensities chosen for each stage. 


The total treatment time for this example is

1 + 3 + 4 + 7 + 1 = 16 minutes.


During this time the different chosen intensities are used in combination with their corresponding chosen frequencies. 


This way, almost all possible combinations are possible. This is the reason for the great popularity of such PEMF devices in advanced therapy centers.